Ortiz-Barrientos et al (2011).001

Figure 1. Strong correlations between habitat and morphology in S. lautus populations. Panel A – Alpine (A), Tableland (T), Headland (H), and Dune (D) ecotypes, their habitats, and growth habits in glasshouse conditions. Panel B (Radford et al.) – leaf morphologies for 6 different ecotypes of S. pinantifolius with letters as above, plus Di for S. dissectifolius, and B for S. briensis. Other ecotypes are not shown.

Radford I.J., Cousens R.D. & Michael P.W. (2004). Morphological and genetic variation in the Senecio pinnatifolius complex: are variants worthy of taxonomic recognition? Australian Systematic Botany, 17, 29-48.

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